What do you do when class is out? Experience campus life! 

Whether you're seeking a quiet den to study or meet friends, or you're a wolf pup ready to howl, the University of West Georgia encourages you to get excited and get involved in activities beyond the classroom. You can't get the full university experience without them.

Become a part of the UWG community by living on campus. With multiple accommodation choices such as traditional residence halls, suites or apartments on campus, residence life helps you discover and build diverse relationships and truly live the college experience.

Want to make a difference or meet people with similar interests? The Center for Student Involvement offers over 150 student clubs and organizations for you to choose from. If adventure trips and recreational activities are what you’re looking for, check out the University Recreation office to discover your out-of-class options.

Maybe you’d like to dust off that collection of stories, shoot a short film, or even play a starring role in a theatre production or music ensemble. UWG’s School of the Arts offers opportunities for novices and pros alike, and all university art performances and events are free to students. A world of artistic experiences awaits you on campus.

Play or cheer for the 55彩票 team with . Join the Wolves for football, baseball, basketball, cheerleading and more. Show up for the fun and be part of the action by supporting your UWG Wolves.

Visit the Campus Center, which features a 50-foot climbing wall, a 13,000-square-foot fitness facility and a game room. For fun, relaxation and exercise, the center is a great way to connect to campus.

Fill up and catch up with your friends in the dining hall, food court or café. From Chick-fil-a to Starbucks, experience a variety of options to satisfy your taste buds.